Founded in 2001, Bloomstine & Bloomstine is a full-service lobbying firm in Sacramento, California.  Our office is strategically located directly across from the State Capitol building. 

Our firm’s mission is to professionally represent your interests to the California Legislature and regulatory bodies.  Bloomstine & Bloomstine is further committed, however, to standards above simple representation.  In the political arena, trust, integrity, and knowledge are the virtues that place good firms above great firms. 

Whether your interest in California government is large or small, proactive or reactive, long term or short term, we are highly qualified to assist you with your endeavors.  With nearly twenty years of legislative and political experience from Bloomstine & Bloomstine’s principals, we have developed a strong network of legislative and regulatory contacts to assist you in the solutions that you desire.   Our experience comes from both outside and inside the Capitol. 

Decisions affecting California government are made with a limited amount of input and time.  Bloomstine & Bloomstine is committed to ensuring that that brief moment of time is utilized to its fullest capacity – your message is delivered effectively, meaningfully, and from a respected messenger.

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